Being One

An international magazine of spirituality and ministry for diocesan priests, deacons and seminarians

April 2015
Volume 13 No 1

The Church in Outreach

This issue gives reflections and experiences about the Church’s mission to reach out to the world of today.
It is widely accepted that the main purpose of the Second Vatican Council was to allow the Church a period of self-reflection. Already in the decades leading up to Vatican II, the Church had begun to return to her patristic, biblical and liturgical roots, after centuries of being viewed predominantly as a juridical institution, entering a period of ecclesiological renewal which culminated in the Second Vatican Council when a complete review of the Church was undertaken. However, the paradox of ecclesial life lies: the more that the Christian community goes deeper into becoming its true self, that is, immersed in God, the more it can then reach out; and the more is reaches out evangelically, the more it discovers that intimacy within itself which comes from reliving the pro-existence of Christ.

April 2013
Volume 12 No 1

The Parish

Parishes are among the best “barometers” of the state of the church, and of the ecclesial models that we see in them. For this reason it is important that parishes allow themselves to be inspired principally by the model of the church as communion.
In this issue of Being One there are a number of reflections on the role of the parish in the life of the Church and testimonies from different countries on how the parish can face the challenges of the Church in the modern world.